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Mike Dunleavy was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania before coming to Alaska in 1983. As a child of working-class parents, Mike pursued his dream of coming to Alaska, hunting and fishing, and putting down roots – and he’s never looked back.

Mike spent almost 20 years in rural Alaska where he met his wife, Rose. Married almost 30 years, their three daughters, Maggie, Catherine, and Ceil were raised in both rural and urban Alaska. They have made their home in the Mat-Su Valley since 2004.

When Mike first came to Alaska, its economy was booming. While the rest of the country was climbing out of a recession, Alaska was a different story. The Alaska pipeline was pumping three times more crude than today and the daily volume was increasing; fishing, mining, and the timber industries employed thousands, mostly year-round, family-wage union jobs.  The future of Alaska looked bright. The past several years, as Alaska has lacked strong leadership with vision and commitment, have been a totally different story. The oil industry here has lost thousands of good-paying jobs, businesses are failing, people are leaving the state, and an atmosphere of distrust in the government and fear for safety and livelihood prevail.  

Many Alaskans tell Mike they hear no good ideas to fix our economy – only new tax proposals – coming out of Juneau.  Mike knows that Alaska can get expenditures in line with revenues. Mike will continue to protect the Permanent Fund and the Permanent Fund Dividend on behalf of Alaska, and in the manner the Founders intended.

In recent years, Mike has heard from lifelong Alaskans of their fears for the future of this great state. Mike envisions a different future for Alaska, one in which Alaskans have restored faith in the leadership they elect.  As Governor, he would ensure a fair, honest administration which follows through on the promises made to Alaskans, listens to the will of the people, responsibly develops our resources, and ensures Alaskans keep their wealth in their pockets.

There is no reason for Alaskans to be struggling.  Alaskan needs a leader with a positive plan for our future.  A leader that listens to, respects, believes in, and protects Alaskans.  A leader that doesn't waiver on promises, break their word, or change priorities on a whim.  A leader that stands tall, like the mountains we see every day.  Mike Dunleavy is that leader.  

Mike Dunleavy for 2018 Alaska Governor


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